I have commenced this blog because in recent days I have seen a desire for a recapturing of the doctrine of Holiness. This has been particularly evident in my own denomination, The Salvation Army, which has consistently labelled itself a "Holiness" denomination. But what does that mean? What does this very "churchy" word - holiness - actually mean? I'm not suggesting that I have the answers to this question at all. Rather, since there are other people who seem to have an interest in this topic I thought this could become a place where it could be discussed. This is not restricted to holiness either but other important matters of Christian theology as well. I would welcome any comments that you would like to contribute. Yours in Christ Adam


  1. As I absorb the story of scripture (sometimes reluctantly!) I am overwhelmed (confronted, disturbed, humbled etc) by the reality of God's grace - sovereign, absolute and free.

    To my feeble mind, grace is not a "thing", no more than "perfection" or "holiness" are things. They define Jesus. He did not comply with them as if they existed outside of Himself ... He was them! He defined them! They are His acts, and hence, they are the acts of God (John 8).

    As "saint", "holy", "set apart" we are, first of all, recipients of God's irresistible grace... treated as perfect by Jesus's life, death and rising on our behalf - beyond our choice, beyond our understanding... an act of God's ongoing grace (2 Cor 5).

    The more we realise His grace (and this also is God's ongoing grace), the more we wish to be what we already are i.e. perfect...in the same way that "our heavenly Father is perfect" - and in the context of what Jesus was saying, this has to be about grace (love) i.e.enact grace in the warp and woof of our "natural" lives.... i.e. nature is the context within which grace is enacted and realised - God's grace is not perfected in this! It is already perfect.

    Adam, I really warm to what you have raised. In fact, I'm clinging to it and relaxing in it midst the adventure, struggle, joy of life (once again an act of God's grace).



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