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What's so amazing about "grace"?

I'm finding the word “grace” an interesting one at the moment. In conversations with other Christians, in sermons, books, articles and blogs, this word frequently makes an appearance. Think about this… We’re saved by grace (Eph 2:8), amazed by grace, moved by grace, participate in the means of grace, and before we eat we “say” grace. Then if move into the realm of sacramental theology grace can be treated as a “thing” administered with the bread, wine or water (or other sacramental actions);  the “inward, invisible grace” that is represented by these “outward and visible signs”. We go even further when we narrow grace down into sub-categories. There’s prevenient grace, justifying grace, sanctifying grace and glorifying grace. Why do we do that? As one of my supervisors succinctly remarked – “grace is grace”.

Running On...

You may be well aware already that I am preparing to run my first Half-marathon in just over 2 weeks time - the Blackmores Sydney Half-Marathon. Since I only started running in January this year this is an exciting venture for me. My preparations have been going well. I can now confidently cover the distance of 21.1km, have a relatively good understanding of how to balance my energy intake and Blood Sugar Levels (BSL) and have in recent weeks begun to grasp what I need to do to pace myself well through the distance.

William Booth... 100 years on

Today marks 100 years since William Booth was "Promoted to Glory" as we say in The Salvation Army. Here is some footage from his funeral in London. It remained the largest attended funeral in that city until that of Princess Diana in 1997. I think that speaks volumes regarding the influence of the man upon that city and indeed the world.

Running For a Cure

As you may be aware I'm currently in training for my first half marathon. I only started running seriously in January this year until I realised that all the excuses I had were only preventing me from getting the most out of life. I'm using this run as an opportunity to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation . Last night this report was aired on Australian television about some exciting new research into a vaccine that, it is hoped, will prevent Type 1 Diabetes. What I appreciated in this story was the fact that it recognised that Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes may "look" very similar in their symptoms but are, in fact, different diseased. The first an autoimmune disease, then second brought on by a combination of lifestyle factors and genetics. Type 1 is incurable meaning anyone with this disease (under current medical treatments) will never stop requiring daily insulin injections or insulin pump therapy. Those with Type 2 have the hope of reducing or