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Gregory of Nyssa on Prayer

This quote speaks for itself. It is from Gregory of Nyssa's first Homily on the Lord's Prayer We must learn first of all that we ought to pray and not to faint. For the effect of prayer is union with God, and if someone is with God, he is separated from the enemy. Through prayer we guard our chastity, control out temper, and rid ourselves of vanity; it makes us forget injuries, overcomes envy, defeats injustice, and makes amends for sin. Through prayer we obtain physical well-being, a happy home, and a strong, well-ordered society. Prayer will make our nation powerful, will give us victory in war and security in peace; it reconciles enemies and preserves allies. Prayer is the seal of virginity and a pledge of faithfulness in marriage; it shields the wayfarer, protects the sleeper, and gives courage to those who keep vigil. It obtains a good harvest for the farmer and a safe port for the sailor. Prayer is your advocate in lawsuits. If you are in prison, it will obtain your rel

My strange cat can play the piano.... apparently!

For some reason tonight my cat decided to join me at the piano. I'm not entirely sure why because he's never done this before, but he seemed to be quite comfortable. He joined me in a duet from "Cats"... Enjoy! Adam