Friday, May 20, 2011

A Pre-Rapture Prayer

Dear Lord...

Well, it's May 20, 2011. Rapture Eve. There's been plenty of excitement building. Expectation abounds. Christians all throughout the world are packing their bags, saying goodbyes, and waiting like little children on the night before Christmas; wondering what tomorrow will bring.

Cloudy with a chance of firey hail?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animals - What are they for anyway?

Special guest post from Dr Glen O'Brien

Mark Twain once said that human beings have a lot to learn from the higher animals. Investigation of interspecies spirituality and animals as religious subjects is new territory for most of us. But increasingly scientists, including psychologists, have begun to investigate such questions as whether animals dream, wonder, contemplate death, are conscious of themselves and others, have a sense of right and wrong, shame, loyalty etc. that go beyond the usual explanations of such things as purely instinctual responses devoid of what we humans call “reflection.” 

Sermon: Matthew 13:1

I love questions. Many here would be aware that I’m working on a PhD in theology. I’ve also been a teacher of theology, worship, and critica...