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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Soldiership Preparation Materials - #plus1challenge

Photo credit: Lt Phillip Sutcliffe
I've seen a really encouraging response to my #plus1challenge so far. It's great to see. If you haven't read my original post yet it's accessible here. In summary, the #plus1challenge is to see in our Territory the number of soldiers increase by 1. It's starts with you and me.

This post is simply a collection of resources I've been able to locate on the internet that can be used in soldiership preparation classes. I'm not necessarily endorsing any one in particular. I just know, as Corps Officer, that finding material that is suitable can be difficult. So, this is just a list of materials that are available. Click on each title to go to each course.

If you know of something that I've missed send me a message or comment below and I'll update this post as needed.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The #Plus1Challenge

Today I received my copy of The Salvation Army’s Year Book for 2016. I’m sure a lot of people just put it aside, place it on the shelf and ignore it; barely even taking note of what’s inside. For me, though, I always read through it. In particular, I’m interested in the statistics for my Territory (Australia Eastern). Every year when I receive the Year Book I look, in particular, at the number of Senior Soldiers. This year it is listed as 7,880.

Last year it was 8,159.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Looking Like a Leader

I once heard it said that if you want to look like a leader then make small decisions loudly. Consider a couple of examples. Firstly, you’re standing behind someone in a queue at a fast food outlet. It takes some time to get to the front of the line and inevitably the person before you waits until that moment to decide what it is they would like to order. Or consider driving behind someone into a car park with hundreds of empty spaces. Spoilt for choice the driver in front ends up unable to decide which of the many free spots is best for them, thus delaying everyone behind them. In both of these not so imaginary situations it can be frustrating to be forced to bear the consequences of their indecision. 

“Just make a decision!”

Monday, November 9, 2015

My House Will Be Called A House of.... Announcements?


For any worship leader the place for announcements in the weekly worship gathering can be difficult to fit in. You want to ensure people are as informed as possible, but if left unchecked they can become simply another “commercial break” in people’s lives, or go on for an unnecessary amount of time. Alternatively, they can disrupt the flow of a meeting or cause people to switch off.

Constance Cherry, the author of The WorshipArchitect, conducted a little experiment around this very issue. Having the opportunity to visit a number of different churches over an extended period of time, and with a keen interest in the place of public scripture reading and prayer in corporate worship, Cherry’s experiment was to calculate the amount of time, as a percentage, devoted to different aspects of worship in a variety of churches. The details of the experiment and the results can be found here. It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive analysis and so the results should only be treated as indicative. However, whilst they don’t say everything, they do indeed say something. The name of the article gives much away; “My House Shall Be Called a House of…. Announcements.” 

Friday, August 21, 2015

General Booth - I Salute You!

Come with me on a journey. A journey outside the box.

This year is a year of significant anniversaries. For The Salvation Army the most significant was celebrated last month in London at the Boundless Congress; our 150th anniversary. There is another one coming, though, that I think is worthy of note. October 4 this year will be 125 years since the death of Catherine Booth.
When choosing your career: think outside the box