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Do we need theologians?

This is an interesting question. I guess you could answer it easily with either a yes or a no, and I suppose being a budding theologian myself you could easily guess my own answer. Perhaps the next question is the important one... Why? Well my answer to that question is best given by means of a personal illustration. I am diabetic, and have been for almost 9 years now. There are a number of people directly involved in the management of this permanent disease. Firstly me, who takes ultimate responsibility for understanding as much as I can about the disease - its effects, how to check my blood sugar levels, self inject insulin and what to do in the event of a "hypo" or " hyperglycaemic " occurrence . My family also need to be aware of these things as well and play an active role in my ongoing treatment. There's also my GP who provides immediate, but generalised advice for me when other illness occurs, or just for general ongoing health concerns. Another p