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Arminians and Calvinists - Put away the daggers

I read this encounter between John Wesley and Charles Simeon, Fellow of King's College in Cambridge which occurred on Dec 20, 1784. I thought it was worthy to post for your consideration. Charles Simeon Simeon: "Sir, I understand that you are called an Arminian ; and I have been sometimes called a Calvinist; and therefore I suppose we are to draw daggers. But before I consent to begin the combat, with your permission I will ask you a few questions... Pray, Sir, do you feel yourself a depraved creature, so depraved that you would never have thought of turning to God, if God had not first put it into your heart?" Wesley: "Yes," says the veteran, "I do indeed." S: "And do you utterly despair of recommending yourself to God by anything you can do; and look for salvation solely through the blood and righteousness of Christ?" W: "Yes, solely through Christ." S: "But, Sir, supposing you were at first saved by Christ, are you