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Questions - 2. What difference does belief in the Trinity make?

1       Introduction The Trinity is one of the most difficult aspects of Christian theology yet at the same time arguably the most important. What we understand God to be like impacts how we understand what God does. Robert Letham has suggested that “In the West, the Trinity has in practice been relegated to such an extent that most Christians are little more than practical modalists.” [1] In other words, in practical terms, the Trinity really  has no impact on the way most Christians live and move within their faith.  How can this be? Clearly, if theologians suggest that this a “fundamental aspect of the Christian vision of God” [2] then surely this must have an impact on the way we worship, the way we engage in mission as well as our understanding of what it means to be a people of the Triune God. These are the things we will be focusing upon today. So, whilst we will make an attempt to describe the Trinity in ways that are understandable, really the question is “What di