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The privilege of holiness...

This morning I had the pleasure of worshipping at Narellan Salvation Army . As a part of the worship the congregation was given the opportunity to share their testimony. This is a common part of Salvation Army worship so this was nothing new for me. One man stood up and shared how this coming week he will celebrate being free from the cycle of compulsive gambling for seven years. Having been through the Army's "Bridge Program" he has learnt to recognise and manage his addiction and, by the aid of God's grace, live for seven years (and I pray for the rest of his life) without stepping back into his old ways. Hallelujah! Thanks be to God! (This is what I love about Army testimony times!) By this testimony I was reminded of the Army's doctrine of holiness. It begins with the words " We believe that it is the privilege of all believer's to be wholly sanctified. " Every person who puts their faith in Jesus Christ can live a holy life and can do so n