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Bible Reading the Runners Way

Almost at the finish line! For almost two years now I’ve been a “runner”. It’s a great pastime for me. A time of recreation and contemplation, but also a physical challenge that I really enjoy. This year I completed my first marathon. There’s much more to a marathon than just turning up at the start line on the day and running 42.195km to cross the finish line. A lot of training is required in order to achieve that feat. Most marathon training plans include at least four types of training runs, each with their own purpose. The first is broadly categorised as “speed” work. This can take the form of intervals, fartleks (Yes, it’s a real term. Look it up), hill repeats, and many other variations in between. The purpose of this training run is to increase your pace. They tend to be shorter overall, but intense effort throughout.

"How foolish you are!"

This year I have been leading a Bible study at our church on Luke’s gospel. We’ve been slowly reading through the twenty-four chapters of this gospel and seeking to listen to God’s voice throughout this process. It’s been really beneficial to take our time and not rush the process through. As a long distance runner I know the benefit of the “long slow run” in my training. There’s also great benefit in a “long slow read” of Scripture as well. It was particularly exciting and challenging to come to the climax of the narrative – the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Throughout the gospel we observed Luke’s particular emphasis on those who are on the fringe of society, Jesus’ fixated “journey to Jerusalem” (from 9:51 onwards), and the tension that builds between Jesus and the religious leaders of his time. None of that was particularly new to me, but the benefit of reading and absorbing this once again has not been futile. What has stood out, though, as we read thr