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Adam Couchman BTh (Hons) MA in Theology

I hold a Bachelor of Theology from the Sydney College of Divinity with Honours from Charles Sturt University. My honours dissertation was entitled "The neo-sacramental theology of The Salvation Army" and can be accessed here. I've also completed a Master of Arts in Theology (Aspects of Christian Holiness) from Nazarene Theological College, in Manchester, England. My dissertation was entitled "In the image of the Image: Theological Anthropology and its importance for Christian Holiness according to Gregory of Nyssa". This was expanded and published as "In the image of the Image: Gregory of Nyssa's Opposition to Slavery." It can be purchased from the publisher, SBL Press

I have just submitted my PhD through the University of Divinity which is entitled "Liturgia Dei: Worshipping the Worshipping God." It engages a theological interpretation of scripture, specifically looking at Jesus' own worship in the light of the church's confession that he is fully human and fully divine.

I would welcome comments and feedback as I believe that theology is not just knowledge to be transferred from one person to another, but an ongoing discussion which shapes our minds after Christ who has the mind of God. Theology is, therefore, in itself a holy task.


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