Frederick Coutts Lecture - Livestream

Just thought I would make you aware that the 2010 Frederick Coutts Memorial Lecture is on this Thursday, 26th August, at 7:30pm at Booth College in Sydney. The guest speakers this year are General Paul Rader (R) and Commissioner Kay Rader. I've had the opportunity to hear them both speak in the last two weeks and I'm sure it will be a great lecture. The title of the lecture is "Reaching for Metaphors of Grace".

If you cannot make it in person then you can watch it live from anywhere in the world here. (Just enter a guest name and click OK. You may be asked to download a "plug-in" which only takes a couple of minutes).

Sydney is +10:00hrs from GMT, and you can calculate the time difference using this site.

Hope to see you there.



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