Today I came across two articles on worship which I found quite interesting. Firstly at theRubicon, James Pedlar suggests 5 ways to improve worship in The Salvation Army. These are a great discussion starter and it will be interesting to see what responses are received to these suggestions...

In the light of number 4 on James' list (pay attention to content) it was then interesting to read an interview with Keith and Kristyn Getty over at Leadershipjournal.net. A fantastic quote here which I find particularly encouraging...

"If I've got non-Christian friends coming to church, I'd far rather give them four verses of comparatively heavy theology with some theological words which explains the gospel, than give them twenty repeated words that could be said about your pet horse or your girlfriend."

While we're on the topic. Here's another great reading from one of my favourite authors, Robert Webber. I originally read the whole book that this came from a couple of years ago and wrestled with this particular excerpt - The Divine Embrace. I would highly recommend this book. So, I was also glad when I found that Christainity Today had published this particular part and made it available.

The key to getting this one is to understand the difference here between God being "subjective" and "objective" in worship. If we treat him as the "object" of our worship, he is distinct from it and uninvolved. If he is the "subject", then he is active in our worship. Once I got this I found this particular reading to liberate my understanding of true Christian worship - it wasn't all about me! (Amazing I know!).

Love it!



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