An update on my knee...

Many of my friends would be aware that I injured my knee on Saturday, but others would not know all the details so I thought I would post a short update to let you know how things are going...

Saturday 30th October was the annual Gala Day at the School for Officer Training. A big part of this day is the annual Touch Football competition. I was playing for Miranda Mixed team and during the semi-final I attempted to side-step. My foot planted firmly and my lower leg followed but my upper leg shifted. I felt me knee joint move out and back into place. This was accompanied by an almighty "crack" which I'm assured could be heard by many others on the field and sideline. Of course, this ended the game for me. Fortunately, the team won and went through to the final.

I went to St George Emergency and was assessed there. After a few hours wait, and some Panadeine Forte, I was feeling a lot better. I was seen by a Nurse Practitioner who tried to move my knee in all sorts of directions. Remarkably, by this time I was not in much pain at all and the knee seemed to be very firm in the joint. It seemed that there was no major ligament damage, which was a great relief. It will take time to fully confirm that and so I'll have to be reassessed in a few days. Because of the "crack" we just wanted to make sure there wasn't a fracture and so I had a x-ray to confirm this. It came back clear and so it was just a matter now of treating it conservatively. It seems at this stage that it's just a bad sprain, but this can't be confirmed at this stage.

I'm in a bit of pain now, and it's difficult to walk, but my knee feels firm in the joint and not like it's going to give way. 

I'm very grateful to those who helped on the day, particularly Michele White and David Wiseman. It's very handy to have a couple of off-duty paramedics there on scene immediately. Of course, thanks to my wife who patiently waited by my side for a few hours in the Emergency department. Also to mum who came back to look after the kids and get them into bed. Also, to everyone who carried my off the field, or into the car, I do appreciate your help and support. And to everyone who offered prayers and encouragement, it is greatly appreciated. 

I'm confident it's not as bad as immediately thought. Having seen my mum's long journey with a knee injury I know some of what's involved in the recovery and know I don't want it to be that bad.

Finally, we decided to stay home this morning to rest, rather than attempt to go off to Church. In place, we had "Songs of Praise" church together as a family. One of the hymns on this morning was a great reminder of God's presence with us in the midst of pain, and I was really encouraged by it today.

Be still, my soul, the Lord is on thy side;
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change He, faithful, will remain.
Be still, my soul, thy best, thy heavenly friend
Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

Every blessing


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