PowerPoint - 1891 style

I've been preparing for a lecture on the characteristics of The Salvation Army and stumbled across this interesting quote from The Salvation Army - Its Origin and Development (London: Salvationist Publishing and Supplies, 1945), 60. I find it interesting because what's described here we would consider normal now (at least in locations that can afford data projectors). But this is describing 1891. They were way ahead of their time.
The system of special Memorial Services, introduced in connection with the passing of the Army Mother, has been wonderfully blessed. The first of these services was held on the first anniversary of Catherine Booth's death, in the Agricultural Hall - then one of London's largest buildings. It was impossible for the speakers to be heard in so large a hall, so each part of the service was indicated by large illuminated signs. Thus the audience of some 15,000 was able closely and unitedly to join in all the songs and prayers. Scenes from Mrs Booth's life and messages both from her writings and from those of the Founder, were displayed on a great lantern screen. A similar service was held in connection with the promotion to Glory of the Founder himself.
Fascinating stuff.


  1. Salvos were always ahead of the times, hey Adam? Love it.

  2. Thanks Sheridan... There were some significant things that the Army did which were ahead of their time. The challenge is always to continue to be innovative with regards mission, whilst remaining faithful to the gospel.


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