This morning I was meditating on Psalm 118:6 "With the Lord on my side I do not fear. What can mortals do to me?" During the time I spent contemplating this verse (particularly the words "do not fear") I felt the need to write. I grabbed my journal and in a few minutes a poem had formed. I don't consider myself a wordsmith, rather I'm finding the process itself to be spiritually cathartic. I hope others may find it beneficial too.

The crippling vice of tension,
gripping at my soul.
Desperate to stop my progress,
to weaken my resolve.
I feel my muscles tighten,
my mind, it turns to mud.
But hear the voice of Jesus,
his comforting words of love.

"Do not be afraid. No matter
what the world may say.
Do not listen, either, to
your own voice of dismay.
For I am Lord of all;
in charge of all you see.
And I am with you always,
your enemies bow to me."


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