"The Army" - A Poem

The Army

You seem to be frustrated
with the way that things are done
Decisions that have been made
or how the message comes.
You say “The Army could do better."
"If only!”, so you say
“They did the things they’re s’pposed to do,
but did them all my way.”

I want to know, who is this “Army”?
The one of whom you speak.
Where is this "thing" that fills your feed
and takes up all your tweets?
Last time I looked upon the scenes 
that filled your Facebook wall
I saw an image there of you,
standing proud and tall.
A uniform was on your back
Two “S”’s; shiny trim
A finger pointing upwards,
“Hallelujah! I’m for Him!”
I wonder now what has transpired
from that day unto this
To cause you to forget  
of whom this “Army” does consist.
It’s easy now to speak
as if this "Army” isn’t "me".
And forget that those in “leadership”
bleed red blood equally.
Salvationists of every kind
Adherents, Soldiers, Friends
And those who wear red epaulettes
(or used to “way back when”).
Remember that “the Army”
is no thing that's far away.
Nor does it breathe a life its own
despite the words you say.
Before you post, or tweet or blog
or send that email too.
Remember please, I beg you now,
to “think” before you “do”.
“Am I a part of the problem
and so its solution too?”
That frustration you’re highlighting
Could it in fact be you?
The “Army” is no “thing” to me
but people, saved by God.
Sure, I feel frustrated too,
But aren't we s'pposed to love.
"Be patient, kind, no envy here,
no boasting, don't be proud.
Do not dishonour anyone,
Or recall their wrongs out loud.

"Don't delight in wrong, but rejoice in truth,
Protect and trust and hope.
Keep going, always, to the end,
even at the end of your rope."

These are the things that matter most,
More than anything,
Not so much our nice brass bands,
Or just how well we sing.

Not even how much we love the poor,
And strive to bring them in,
For without love, our meager efforts
Will all amount to nothing.

So brothers, sisters, comrades, friends
"be" the Army with me.
A ragtag bunch of saved misfits
With love as our I.D.


  1. I want to tick 'like'... but you don't have a 'like' button. So I'll just say how much I respect you and I'm so glad our paths crossed. You inspire, encourage and bless me Adam. Thank You.


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