Here we go again

It's been a long time since I posted here. In fact my life has completely changed over the last couple of years. I separated from my wife. Left my ministry as an Officer in The Salvation Army. Was remarried at the beginning of this year and recently began work at a theological college in Melbourne. 

Things are very, very different for me now.

There's been a whole lot of pain, shame, and, fortunately, gains as well. I'm happy in my new marriage. I continue to progress along the journey of completing my PhD (I will get there eventually). I've published two peer-reviewed journal articles this year alone and I have a small book currently at the editors. Sure, there are still significant challenges along the way but overall it has been a necessary and positive move for me.

I hope to pick up this blog and start writing again. Writing has been the biggest challenge for me in the PhD process. I have the ideas in my head but getting them onto the page in an orderly manner is so difficult. I'm hoping that I can use this blog to try and develop my skills in this area and, hopefully, free up some brain space for the work I need to do.

If no one comes along for the journey, that's OK. But if you do find yourself still reading at this point then send me a note. I'd love to know that you're along for the journey.



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