Soldiership Preparation Materials - #plus1challenge

Photo credit: Lt Phillip Sutcliffe
I've seen a really encouraging response to my #plus1challenge so far. It's great to see. If you haven't read my original post yet it's accessible here. In summary, the #plus1challenge is to see in our Territory the number of soldiers increase by 1. It's starts with you and me.

This post is simply a collection of resources I've been able to locate on the internet that can be used in soldiership preparation classes. I'm not necessarily endorsing any one in particular. I just know, as Corps Officer, that finding material that is suitable can be difficult. So, this is just a list of materials that are available. Click on each title to go to each course.

If you know of something that I've missed send me a message or comment below and I'll update this post as needed.

On my watch
From Australia Eastern Territory

Call to Arms
From Australia Southern Territory

Army of Compassion
From USA Western Territory

Preparing for Battle
From Canada and Bermuda Territory
(You need to register and go through the ordering process to download this, but it's still free)

SA101, SA201, SA301
From Majors Danielle Strickland and Stephen Court (Canada and Bermuda Territory)

Boundless Salvation Video Series and Study Guide
Salvationist and Journalist John Cleary
Not strictly Soldiership Material, but this four part series is excellent and certainly inspire people to join the fight (if the conclusion of the final episode doesn't capture you're imagination then I don't know what will). This is the study guide that goes with the series. DVDs are accessible here and it can also be purchased "on demand" here. These DVDs are great to use as a part of soldiership classes.

Soldiership Bootcamp
This was run by Booth College (Australia Eastern) in 2015. The details for 2016 aren't online just yet but keep an eye out for this when it's available.

To Serve
From United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Territory (Thanks to Captain Stephen Oliver for bringing this one to my attention)

I hope this helps narrow down what resources are available for Soldiership Training. I'd be interested to hear if you've used any of these resources. Have you found them helpful? What one's would you recommend?

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  1. UKT youth department produced "To Serve". Excellent resource.


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